Watch Clark is set to drop his new EP titled ‘Generator Room’ on October 16th. Watch Clark is one of those artists who can release multiple projects within a year without compromising the quality of the music. And this streak continues with ‘Generator Room’. That solid mix of electro-pop and songwriting combine to create a warmth in the sound that features grounded hooks and lush melodies throughout each track that only a true artist can possess.

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About Watch Clark

Seattle electronic musician Watch Clark releases the second of a trilogy of planned EPs for the years 2020-2021. Following the success of previous EP ‘Backscatter Effect’, this newest release offers three songs about our downwardly spiraling political situation, friendships cut short, and starting over in relationships. Featured on radio stations across the US, UK, and all over Europe, Watch Clark has also collaborated and performed live with Assemblage 23, Symbion Project, and The Gentry, among other international electronic acts.

Watch Clark is also a regular fixture in Pacific Northwest livestream festivals during 2020, helping to raise money and awareness to support the pandemic-impacted clubs, performance venues, and their staff.

“2020 has turned out to be more intense and depressing than I ever could have imagined,” says Paul Furio, the musician behind Watch Clark. “Although there have been some personal highlights. I was inspired to remember a friend, celebrate a new relationship, and utterly admonish a political movement that threatens everyone alive today, whether they know it or not.”

The first track, ‘Fascination’, is a rallying cry to tear down fascism wherever it stands, and punish the figureheads who wish to drag us back to a darker age, cloaked in a flag and brandishing a tear-gas tainted bible. (A radio-friendly version of this explicit track is also offered on the EP.)

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‘Julian’ is a melancholy memory of a friend since departed, but one who still brings about reflection and sadness. The third new track, ‘Utopia’, begins with all the trepidation of a new relationship that moves past the early infatuation into a frightening seriousness, then swells into an anthem of hope and optimism, feelings we could all certainly stand to embrace in this tumultuous year.

‘Generator Room’ is the band’s fifth release since their premiere album in 2013.