Wolfgang Van Halen steps out on his own with his new project titled Mammoth WVH. Those who are in the know with Van Halen’s history already know where the name Mammoth came from, but, in my opinion, the name has come full circle with a new generation with Wolfgang’s new single titled ‘Distance’.

It’s songs like these that force me to reflect on my own life. My father is nearing the end of his journey and this song immediately made me think about that. And hard. I admire the course the video is taking and the lyrics are meaning in that we need to enjoy each other while we can because each moment will be a memory. Make those memories count.

Visually set as a tribute to his father, Edward Van Halen, and the beautiful relationship they’ve shared, Wolfgang shows that music is not only something that heals but documents. Eddie’s history is etched in stone in the music world and will be solidified with another Wolfgang (Mozart), Beethoven, Hendrix, and countless others whose music outlived their lifetime. Wolfgang Van Halen and Mammoth WVH add a new chapter, maybe even a new book, to the lineage, however.

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Sounding almost nothing like the music of his father, the song is nonetheless an homage on a guttural level and beautiful in its originality and difference. This was made with love and given with empathy.

‘I never intended ‘Distance’ to be the very first piece of music people would hear from me, but I also thought my father would be here to celebrate its release. This is for him. I love and miss you, Pop.’
Wolfgang Van Halen

Wolfgang is donating his portion of the proceeds from ‘Distance’ to Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation.

‘Our connection with Eddie grew out of his generous nature, his delight in seeing kids learn and play music, and ultimately understanding what’s important in life. Eddie lived out loud through his music, and I believe that he wanted to see that kind of expression ignite in the students. Music saved him and he loved giving back through what we do for kids through the power of music. Thank you, Eddie. We’ll never forget you.” – Felice Mancini, the President and CEO of The Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation’
Felice Mancini, the President and CEO of The Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation

Photo by Travis Shinn.