1. Mountains and Grooves Tuath featuring Lunch Machine 5:18

Tuath and Lunch Machine collaborate in the form of the new single titled ‘Mountains and Groves’ out now.

A quasi hybrid of decadent indie and ultra underground, this musical experiment doesn’t hold back and never lets go with a multi-timed theme for originality that transcends the mainstream to find its own comfortable spot clearly outside of the box.

About Tuath

Tuath is the brainchild of one Robert Mulhern, formed as a vehicle to promote the Irish language through the lens of shoegaze in 2014. In 2015 Tuath diversified, incorporating other languages and sounds experimenting with Trip Hop, Prog Rock, and downtempo, going on to represent the Irish language later that year at Suns Minority Languages Festival in Udine, Italy.

In 2016 the band were included in The Thin Airs Top 10 tunes of that year and played a large swathe of the Irish Festival circuit, securing gigs alongside bigger acts such as The Altered Hours, The Cosmic Dead and even collaborating with Will Carruthers of Spacemen 3 at a live performance at Donegal Festival.

2017 was another busy year for Tuath as they played the festival circuit and recorded two EPs for release the subsequent year.

In 2018 they released their 4th EP, ‘Youth’, and went on tour to support it, playing with bands such as Northern Irish Music Prize winners Junk Drawer, a band with whom they would become very tight. 2019 was a year filled with recording and planning for 2020, the year that didn’t happen. As a consequence every plan became moot and they had to go back to the drawing board. Tuath finally settled on its most solid lineup which consists of Ashley Mobasser (founding member) production/post-production/live keys, Pól Cassidy on drums/post-production, and Robert Mulhern Live guitar/Vocals/Post-production

As a response to the attention deficit, on-demand, surveillance-based, corporatist music industry of 2020 Tuath has devised a strategy for music release that is more akin to software updates than Eps or albums, they call it “Research and development” A system in which they will simply put songs out every two months and call them “Updates” to their repertoire.

This was in part inspired by Kanye West of all people, adding a track to an already released album back in 2018 and calling it “Cannon”.

The first track of this research and development model is the one you are listening to right now which includes a feature from Lunch Machine vocalist Jude Barriscale. ‘Mountains And Grooves’ is a collaboration between the two. A tongue in cheek track about exploring each other’s bodies. It was the first song that the band had written together as a unit.

About Lunch Machine

Encouraged by her friend’s response to her original music Jude Barriscale formed Lunch Machine in 2017. She joined her musical influences of New Wave, Garage Rock, and Indie with Robert Mulhern’s background in Psychedelia, Shoegaze, and Metal.

After collaboration on multiple video projects, Kieran Devlin and Pearse Owens joined them 2 years later, now adding drums and lead guitar to the mix. Jude’s voice gives the machine a heartfelt, passionate delivery that can range from playful to unexpectedly powerful. Along with her on guitar, Pearse Owen’s jolts the machine to life with his meandering melodies and cheeky grin, all soaked in reverb that can give the music a real introspective quality.

Personality is added by Robert on bass with his experimental riffs which may unexpectedly morph into a more Punk-heavy sound.

Finally, Kieran provides grounding on drums, anchoring the sound to a backbeat that’s influenced by Rock, Hip-Hop grooves, and cardigans.

They’ve played around local venues and festivals, notably Swell and Stendhal. Their EP ALT FACTS is available for download on Bandcamp, and they are working on a collection of singles they plan to release over the course of 2021.