This was something that needed to happen. There simply had to be a vision for the voice. And now that vision is here in the form of Minx’ new video for her stellar track titled ‘Female Dirtbag’. This premiere is simply an honor. After listening to the track last month (review HERE), and talking with her HERE, I realized that some artists were simply meant to be.

‘Female Dirtbag’ is not what you may think by reading just the title. You have to read between the lines. And those lines are clearly drawn with the track by Minx, who draws it with a big stick and keeps it with an even bigger mic. Empowerment can mean many things, but in Minx’ case that definition is written in stone with the simple fact that gender is not a roadblock, but the road itself. You can use that empowerment to define your character and, in turn, let that character define you to others. Beautiful in many ways.

About Minx
Minx’s brand of ‘inclusive feminism’ shines through in her stunning new track ‘Female Dirtbag’, an ode to a powerful breed of women who know what they want and how to get it, as you can see from her Dave Chappelle inspired cover for the single.

Sexy, funny lyrics delivered with smooth and sultry aplomb are fast what is giving Minx her name. Produced by Cooler Ruler Divine (Onyx, The Lost Boyz, Sean Price) it’s a perfect pairing as Minx’s love for classic Hip Hop from the ‘Golden Age’ is strong and this is undoubtedly a smooth Boombap banger.