Nervous City Nervous Self’s new video for the song titled ‘G-d Knows What’ feels enigmatic upon the first viewing and, I never realized until now, that sometimes the video distracts from the song. In this case, however, the video compels you to listen to the song. I mean listen, not hear. There is a difference. A big one. We hear the noise, music, and more all the time. But do we listen? ‘G-d Knows What’ gives you those subtle nuances and every-day innuendos and packages them up in a purposefully understated tone that cancels out the white noise and gets to the dark secret: is there anything more? Where does art end and life begin? After listening to ‘G-d Knows What’, I believe that art is a representation of life and a reflection and statement from the artist, which proves that we are all unique. We find self-worth in our output, and our output can be beautiful.

G-d knows what is a painting of the bliss
and the gloom

For the in-between there is neither
time nor room.

A portrait of a wandering singer’s delightful

About ‘G-d Knows What’
David Josephson, who serves as the mastermind behind Nervous City Nervous Self, said, “For the video we partly wanted to capture the artistic process, working in the rehearsal space, and contrast it to the anxiety surrounding everyday life. And how, with some luck, the artistic process can affect the reality of our lives in a positive way. The video juxtaposes the character´s inner life with the outside reality, leaving the viewer with an uncertainty of what actually is going on.”