With a solid start and a firm beat, Secrecies get to the musical point with their new video titled ‘So Quickly’. The duo, which met by chance at a concert, show they were meant to be with a solid song and vivid video with lush layers of originality and vocals akin to sheer sonic bliss. ‘So Quickly’ leisurely finds that aural high mark and gently reaches out to you to say ‘Join us’.

The new single titled’So Quickly’, from Secrecies’ forthcoming new album ‘Secrecies’ will drop on June 7th, 2019 via Idol Records.

Exclusive quote from Secrecies:

“We are big fans of Black Mirror and for this video we wanted it to capture that modern sense of technological existentialism through an idyllic and peaceful setting – but then there is something just not quite right. It’s intentionally set up to feel more like a short film than a traditional music video of us playing and singing. To accomplish this we collaborated with filmmaker Courtney Ware who helped us develop the concept and direct the film. Having Courtney direct the film was a natural decision since Shawn had worked with Courtney before, composing the score of the full-length feature film and psychological thriller “Sunny In The Dark.”

Thematically, we wanted to explore the dichotomy of how clouded our lives are by technology and the parallel existences we live in real life and digitally – blurring the lines between what is real and not real. But what really makes us happy? We seek out fulfilling experiences to combat our loneliness, but can a digital experience be just as fulfilling and rewarding as a traditional physical experience? Is swiping for love online healthy? Can a video chat with a doctor really replace a real-life physical human assessment of health? In this video, we explore this idea, while actually posing more questions than answers. While we hope it makes people ponder the fleeting nature of life, we also hope it challenges viewers to savor those precious moments in life – no matter where they take place.”

About Secrecies
From the longing of synthetic fulfillment comes the self-titled debut album from American synth duo – SECRECIES on Idol Records. Find warmth in sweet bouncy melodies as they frame a revolt from the digital dots that connect modern society. Stacked layers of brilliant vocals descend into a gritty bed of rock sentiment, leaving you wanting more. Their sound has drawn comparisons to St Etienne, Sylvan Esso, Purity Ring, STRFKR, Glass Candy, Ladytron, Beach House, XX, and even Blondie’s more disco-leaning material.

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By complete happenstance, Shawn Magill and Joey Noga met at a Cashmere Cat concert in Deep Ellum (Dallas, TX). They instantly connected over their obsession with sexy, synth-heavy electro-pop and formed a new band, Secrecies. Together, their multi-layered chilling harmonies unite over playful pulses, evoking the heartaches and joys of passing youth. They have performed with Alice Merton, Handsome Ghost, Armors, Swimming With Bears, Wilsen, Geneva Jacuzzi, Bad Bad Hats, Night Drive, Nite Jewel and more. Their debut album, SECRECIES, will be released on June 7th, 2019.

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  • Video directed by Courtney Ware
  • Starring Cooper Thomson
  • DoP: Andrew Ryan Shepherd
  • Key Grip: Allan Thompson
  • Projection: Camron Ware