With their unique musical vision, their extremely intense live performance and by being, as far as we know, the only Electro-Metal band, ÖGENIX is the balance between electronic music and heavy metal!

It is a musical hybrid that blends the assassin guitar riffs of guitarists Set Landerich and Dave Hazel, the abrasive synths and raw vocals of vocalists/programmer, Gabriel Duceppe and the rhythmic warfare of drummer Gabash and bass player Jérémie Martin that makes ÖGENIX the sole flag bearer of the sound of the 21st century… The future starts now!

“That’s the kind of music I like to listen to. It’s harder, harder and harder to find good bands cuz’ we’ve been doing heavy metal music for for 30 f***’ plus years (…) you guys just f**’ blew my nuts off…” -Dave Brockie (GWAR)

“Another band that was a very pleasant surprise and that will have to be watched in the next couple of years” -WTF? Mark (www.wtfmetalmusic.com)

“I don’t think it’s ever been done quite like Ogenix do it on their latest release – Cult.” -GDK (http://noisography.com/)

“[Tonight] I haven’t had my balls ripped off until I saw you guys.” -Dave Brockie (GWAR)

“The band plays a mix between Metal and Hardcore with a very present electro/industrial side to it. I don’t know any other band like that around here, which makes them really unique.” -Sébastien Tremblay (http://musiquedunenation.blogspot.com/)