Orange Doors have just premiered their new video for the track titled ‘Disenchant’. Taken from their new album ‘Slaphappy’, out now via Custom Made Music, Orange Doors combine that signature sounds they are building their rising reputation on and combine that guitar grit with a solid hook and interesting turns into uncharted musical territory.

‘Disenchant’ is one of those tracks that, if you are a musician, you will not be able to guess where the next few measures are even going. But you will love it.

‘”Disenchant” was written a few years back. It was inspired by a relationship that decayed more and more over time. The video process was tedious but it was a blast. Four types of stop motion with over 1,000 pictures.’

About Orange Doors

Fluid guitar riffs accompanied by warm gleaming brass and mild-mannered synth lines carry the listener through the static hum of this gloomy but whimsical dystopia. The song is from the band’s upcoming album “Slaphappy” which was released in October 2020 on Custom Made Music.

SOURCE: Official Bio