Color of Light is set to release his new album titled ‘Daydream Garden’ on November 13th. The album has that flow that one would expect from a major label act but has that hungry creativity only found in the most well known underground acts.

Almost more of a color of sound than Color of Light, Sean Neuse, the man behind the music, gives us a lush set of transcendental tracks that won’t let up but lets you in with that dream-state only found in that which has inner peace. This is beautiful.

About Color of Light

Color of Light is the experimental dream pop project of producer and multi-instrumentalist Sean Neuse, formerly of Coma Cinema. Based in the small city of Spartanburg, South Carolina sixty miles outside the mountains of Asheville, Neuse began the project in 2014, releasing his debut album Memory the following year to praise from Noisey.

Taking influence from early 4AD and Kranky artists while finding name inspiration from the iconic prismatic cover of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of The Moon, Color of Light’s sound fittingly lands in the shades between dream pop, shoegaze, psychedelia, noise pop, and ambient experimentalism. Where Memory served as an emotional reckoning as several loved ones faced the ends of their lives, his new album Daydream Garden comes from a place of acceptance.

“This album deals with that loss, including the loss of my parents,” Neuse says in a press release. “I’m simultaneously connecting with nature, beauty, and my own mortality on a much deeper level than ever before.”

About ‘Daydream Garden’

‘Daydream Garden’ marks the first new release from Color of Light since 2015’s Memory, but Neuse has taken on a more meditative, psychedelic approach to his shoegaze in the last five years, largely as a form of healing after his parents’ passing mid-writing.

The result is a record that’s both indebted to and measured alongside genre-pushing classics like Slowdive’s Pygmalion and Loveliescrushing’s blowneyelashwish while also serving as a serene, accepting memorial to lost loved ones.