ØZWALD drop their new video for the track titled ‘Call off the Doctor’. Jason Wade and Steve Stout, who comprise ØZWALD, really assert their musical liberation and independence with a solid track with deep roots in roots rock and #indie filled with solid hooks and an ambiance that harks back to the folk scenes of the ’60s and ’70s while adding that 21st-century flare and retro analog recorded dynamics. I would say that this is lightning in a bottle but lightning never lasts. This is forever.


Comprised of Jason Wade (Lifehouse) and Steve Stout (former-Lost Beach/Blondfire), Nashville-based ØZWALD doles out everyday wisdom on an indie platter. A departure from their first record, Sweet Delirium, ØZWALD’s new LP Born In A State is inspired by their environment in the heart of Tennessee. These songs tell stories from the perspective of two creatives pondering the value of art and music in a world of likes and follows. Truly Nashville, this collection is organic, quietly eccentric, and full of nostalgia.

Roughly five years ago, Stout was called in to play as the guitarist on an international Lifehouse tour that would eventually have its US route canceled, but a bond began to form between Stout and Wade on the overseas run. Following the tour, Wade needed an engineer to assist him in his California studio where they both lived at the time and called Stout.

What began as an artist/engineer relationship quickly evolved to an artist/artist partnership and the two immersed themselves in the inspiration of something new as they set the goal of completing three songs in two weeks. The duo amassed a total of twelve songs that made up their first record, Sweet Delirium.

They have since moved from Los Angeles to Nashville and quickly found the change of scenery influencing the way they approach writing songs, with the aesthetic of their surroundings really bleeding into the music. Deeper and more colorful, Born In A State probes the melancholic world of Art Pop and Indie Folk, conjuring up the work of Wilco and Foxwarren while retaining their signature levity.