Pls Pls Me have released their awaited video for the track titled ‘Too Late’. After interviewing Pls Pls Me and reviewing this single a month ago I became a fan for many reasons. First off, this single is one solid gigantic hook. It stays with you long after that listen. Second; Jimi and Jessie are just good people. I had a blast interviewing them. They are a pair of intellectuals that I would love to be a fly on the wall during one of their brainstorming sessions. As long as one of them doesn’t stop and say ‘Eww, there’s a fly. Kill it’, I’m good.

The video is a visual syncopation of this beautiful song. Stylized in all the right places while retaining that vivid set of personalities behind the music. It’s a welcome diversion from the current wave of isolation, bringing us closer together spiritually while lifting those spirits high enough to find the light.

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About Pls Pls Me

Pls Pls Me is a Brooklyn-based queer electro-pop duo who came together on a grey New Year’s Day in 2016. While launching QUEER MF, a local showcase and party for queer music, singer/multi-instrumentalists Jimi Fish and Jessie Torrisi bonded over writing songs about sex, longing, and surviving the age of Trump.

Their love of eclectic, hip hop-inflected production and otherworldly harmonies crystalized with last year’s debut single “PLS YOU,” which OVRLD exclaimed was a cross of “both early XX and Everything But the Girl.”

Their long-awaited debut EP, Too Late (out on October 9th), only leans further into their kaleidoscopic sound, finding the duo pairing a trip-hop single about taking on the system (“Checked Out”) with a Lolita tale delicately intertwining Fish and Torrisi’s voices and a summer love song fit for a modern update of a John Hughes soundtrack.

More than anything though, Too Late is a fulfilling encapsulation of two friends and collaborators honing their craft over countless FaceTime chats and recording sessions, destined to score hangouts in dog parks, crashing open mic nights, making extravagant meals, and being part of movements for change.