Racyne Parker has released her new video for the track titled ‘I’ll Keep You’. The accessibility of the song combined with the talented songwriting, to me, is what is most endearing about ‘I’ll Keep You’. Plus, to be honest, this is just a fun video. It makes the quarantine and lockdown go by a bit smoother. Add to that the little quirkiness speckled throughout the song, whether it be an unexpected note or a different time signature, shows the level of craft we are listening to. This song and video was planned as much as it was loved. And that is talent.

About Racyne Parker

Denver based singer-songwriter Racyne Parker draws inspiration from modern folk, country, pop, and indie influences, to deliver catchy lyrics, warm vocals, and a contemporary style that fits in well on playlists next to Kacey Musgraves, Taylor Swift, Maggie Rogers, and Miranda Lambert. With a live set that samples originals and cover songs from a variety of genres, including country, folk, indie, and pop, Racyne Parker is a singer-songwriter who brings something for all audiences.

Racyne released her debut single, “I’m a Mess”, in January of 2019 and her sophomore single, “Tumbleweed Town” in June of 2019. Released in August of 2019, her debut EP Tumbleweed Town is a collection of five country songs that give a nod to the country sounds of her youth. Throughout 2019, Racyne could be found playing shows ranging from small solo-acoustic coffee shop gigs to larger full-band shows at bars and restaurants, folk festivals, and County Fairs.

In 2020, Racyne released an upbeat, groovy single, “Hindsight,” which she followed up with a lyric video featuring her bandmates, producer, and foreshadowing for her upcoming releases. Racyne ended 2020 with a second single, a ballad called “Fall Too Easy,” and an ethereal, dreamy Oregon Coast music video for the song.

Kicking off 2021 with live drums, a fresh bassline, easy guitar licks, an occasional synth, and pop-esque piano sprinkled in, her latest single, “I’ll Keep You” is the first love song that Racyne has released. The live band sound, quick lyrics, and catchy chorus were essential to creating a fun and light track that feel sunny, bright, and optimistic.

Through a growing social media following, gigs & shows, as well as press and marketing efforts, Racyne continues to grow her fanbase through meaningful and genuine connections that will continue to propel her forward on her musical journey.