The Gary have dropped their first new release since 2014, the 6-song ‘Fallow’ 12″ EP, out on Friday (3/5) via Act Your Age Records/Sinkhole Texas, Inc..

A spiritual successor to 2008’s “Damn Machines”, the new single “Info” laments the loss of our humanity to our accessories.

Of the track, frontman Dave Norwood says, “’Info’ is about our divorce from actuality and the substandard conditions of the virtual world. It compares the endless internet scroll to “a blighted river” and suggests that it takes far more than it gives, dulling one’s edge and replacing one’s brain space with useless and impertinent information.”

The song was written after a night of scrolling, hitting the refresh button over and over again, and feeling none the better. “They should rename the refresh button,” says Norwood, “because the more I hit it, the grosser I feel.”

About The Gary

The Gary have always played the soundtrack to your life, whether Dave Norwood was singing your past, present, or future; whether he was in a metaphorical or literal phase; whether his middle-aged Texan baritone was the voice you thought would put your story to song.

The new EP ‘Fallow’ features the most lifelike recording of Norwood’s voice, with a live, band’s-right-next-to-you sound across the board. It’s the first Gary record with Anthony Castaneda’s fluid, relaxed drumming replacing Paul Warner’s taut, mathy approach, and all this makes possible a five-minute instrumental jam, something many fans of the Gary have wanted for years.

Guitarist Trey Pool, a Houston native, is a master also of driving, bass fishing, and pulling dents out of automobiles. Anthony Castaneda, raised in Bryan TX, played in Peel and in Blue Kabuki. Dave Norwood, ex-pat of the East Texas Piney Woods and various Southwestern American deserts, finds his inspiration in the basin-and-range country of the latter. Fallow draws The Gary even at three EPs and three LPs. -Robin Sinhababu