RĀI (pronounced Ray) drops his new video in the exclusive premiere in a triumphant signal that the slow jam is back. RĀI gives a lovely tour of NYC with a groove-centric track laced with crooning vocals filled with sincerity at an altitude that only a true artist can fly within. The song itself eases into the psyche to be used later as a soundtrack to that perfect moment or a future memory.

RĀI’s new album titled ‘Love’s On The Way’ drops June 8th! Go to his official website for more details. Links below.

About RĀI
RĀI (pronounced Ray) is a singer, songwriter and true lover of R&B music. Originally from South Carolina (now residing in Harlem, New York), RĀI’s music is a vibe. He infuses elements of both new and traditional R&B to intentionally create chill, unassuming, timeless music. He sees each song as a piece of art that is influenced more by his life and experiences and not just by what’s hot and trending. R&B has seen changes in style, trends and youth increasingly celebrated over substance, tradition, and maturity but RĀI has an appreciation for all things R&B and believes the two can peacefully exist.

“I’m a singer who grew up loving how R&B music changed the world and made people feel. I’m not changing my music to fit a radio format or gain Instagram followers or whatever. My music is the truest expression of who I am today. I’m trying to create music that people will want to hear next year or the year after that and after that. If it doesn’t pop right now, it doesn’t pop. I am committed to making good music and I’ve found a peace that right now that may not be the most lucrative endeavor and I’m good with that.”

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RĀI’s musical inspirations are Donny Hathaway, Marvin Gaye, Luther Vandross and Maxwell. With his latest project “Love’s on the Way”, he sought to create an album that was effortless in nature with such a strong vibe that once you pressed play you would just let it ride. And ultimately, that never goes out of style.

“I approached creating my latest project similar to how I imagine a designer approaches creating a collection. Painfully detailed. Each piece unique. Each appealing for different reasons, but it all goes together. I am committed to making good music and I’ve found a peace that right now that may not be the most lucrative endeavor, and I’m good with that.”

Indie artist RĀI brings nostalgia to R&B/soul music fans with the release of his second single “Love’s On The Way,” from his debut album of the same title, due out June 8. Anyone with a love and appreciation for R&B music associated with talented singers like Maxwell and others will love this song!”
– ThisisRnB, April 16, 2018

“Rumors of R&B’s demise have been greatly exaggerated over the years. Yes, the genre has seen its fair share of changes, with style, trends and youth increasingly celebrated over substance, tradition and maturity. Nonetheless, there are still artists in that latter category putting in work, such as South Carolina native and current Harlem resident RĀI.“
– SoulBounce, April 12, 2018

“This is a performer who, as a writer and singer alike, is a definite proponent of the groove in music, but he isn’t beholden to it. “Back to Life”, like its title perhaps implies, works through a number of well-timed changes that gives the song different looks that, nonetheless, sound like they are part of the same overall package.”
– Indie Band Guru, March 14, 2018

“He has a seemingly light touch as a singer…but there’s strength in that delicacy discerning listeners will hear on certain turns of phrase. There are a number of abiding qualities in his singing and two of the most distinctive are heard in how he carefully orchestrates his singing to run alongside the arrangement while never overshadowing it and his phrasing from one refrain to another has subtle distinctions that underline how he never sings anything quite the same way twice.”
– Gashouse Radio, March 5, 2018