RISE delivers a score for her beautiful voice in the form of her new single and video titled ‘Temples’.  The meaning of this video is striking in its execution, having been filmed in and around select abandoned properties on the West of Ireland. Shot with grainy and subdued aesthetics that perfectly flow with the music in a very cinematic way, ‘Temples’ encapsulates that silent drama within us all that constantly blur the borders between complicity and compliance and that struggle that helps, or hurts us in finding that medium.

RISE is a musician that knows how to write and perform what she feels and isn’t afraid to face those demons that stifle us all when confrontation results. Simply beautiful.

‘Temples’ is out as of today.

The physical release of the album on Vinyl, CD and lyric books exceeded its funding target on Indiegogo and now available for order on her website.

About RISE

The new album by Sussex (UK) born Singer/Songwriter and Producer RISE (Previously Talitha Rise) is already being considered a new trendsetter in alternative folk after one week of release (see reviews listed below).

OCTOBER 31st sees the release of her new music video for album track ‘Temples’, filmed in abandoned buildings on the West of Ireland. The powerful video is filmed by Alex T and explores an inner conflict between the shadow and awake sides of human nature. ‘The song is about how we heal when we realize we may be complicit in our own disasters’ says RISE. The strong imagery is apparent and perfectly apt for a Halloween release.

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The follow up to her internationally acclaimed debut ‘An Abandoned Orchid House’. RISE’s (aka Jo Beth Young) new musical journey weaves together intimate and cinematic stories marrying reverberations from the past with the struggles of the present day.

Exploring themes of love, loss, rebirth, and transformation, RISE says:

“David Gray once wrote a line that has stuck with me – “and when we meet again, we will be strangers”. That, in‌ ‌a‌ ‌nutshell, is the idea behind this album. This album traverses the challenge of the personal ‘abyss’ and the emergence from the bleakness of loss and separation. This gives way to hope, wisdom and the taking of responsibility.

Each location adds another layer of meaning and context to the stories within each song. I wanted these songs to be a conversation with the land, the place, the history that I was in at the time but it is intertwined with some of my own intense personal experiences.”

Some of the more noticeably improvised pieces are like characters that RISE channels through the stories the lyrics bring to life. For example, ‘The Old Sewing Woman’ tells the story of a life lived unfulfilled whilst ‘Strangers’ speaks of a husband returning from the war so changed that he is now unrecognizable. The inevitability and bittersweetness of change is apparent throughout.

“It’s unbleached of humanness, with the sounds of life discernible in the background. A cello bows hit the mic, piano pedals and stools creak, a dog barks. For me, this reflects the intimacy and ‘realness’ of each song.”

Although her debut was somewhat nomadic in recording, the production did include many hours in the studio. The follow-up, however, has not been near a studio at all. In her first fully self-produced album, RISE worked distantly with her live band and guests such as Peter Yates (from the legendary The Fields of The Nephilim) and then transformed each track into something deeply textured from the seclusion of the west coast of Ireland.

After a very successful album tour of the UK, Wales and Ireland (Including the album launch party in a beautifully renovated chapel in the middle of the Burren in County Clare) RISE’s last show of the year is an intimate stripped back set of the album in Galway at The Black Gate on November 15th.

“A work that others will be desperately trying to emulate for many years to come”
– Fatea Magazine

“One part Kate Bush, one part Siouxsie Sioux, and wholly a talent of her own creation, RISE is an artist who possesses prowess in her fearlessness.”
– The Big Takeover

“Music truly is the literature of the heart when it comes to releases like ‘Strangers’, this album is truly a work of musical art created by one of the most avant-garde folk songwriters currently alive.”
– Progradar

“The most perfect recording I’ve heard this year, maybe in a couple of years”
– John Diliberto ECHOES, USA

‘Full of grace and beauty”
– PROG Magazine

“More hauntingly beautiful than Kate Bush on a good day”

“A delicate atmospheric triumph”
– Vacant Ceremony

“A voice that can only be described as like a Tolkein Elf, It is rich in harmonics, ethereal and just plain gorgeous!”
– Fatea Magazine

“Rise’s vocals propel this album into your conscious and unconscious mind.
It is the songs of our childhood and our dream worlds’ woven together.”
– No Depression, USA

“I’m not sure I would trust anyone who wasn’t affected by this album
in one way or another.. a stunning debut”
– Listen With Monger

“Full of personal loss, searching and eventual recognition, survival and even revelation. there is much more than a suggestion that the owner can stand in even the deepest of pits of emotion and sing her way out. This is an album that rewards listening and rewards well.”
– Folk Radio UK

“A sublime and refined voice that has a haunting aura and reminds me of an early Kate Bush or Tori Amos .. it is her most potent weapon. You need this new *RISE album in your lives, just trust me, you do!! “
– Progradar

“Brilliantly atmospheric vocals.. elegant rhythms .. a winning confluence of globe-spanning folk music.” ****
– Record Collector Magazine

A “beautiful slow build epic”
– Tom Robinson BBC 6 `MUSIC