The Summercamp drop their new video and track in the form of their new song titled ‘Pull’, and we have this premiere right here! These party-pirates from Pittsburgh have what a lot of artists in the mainstream lack these days; personality. Built on the base of a smooth groove and super-sounds-of-the-seventies style bass groove in what must be either a Precision or Jazz (musician-speak there), The Summercamp delivers said personality within the lines of the lyrics and throughout the video. This, to me, is the perfect example of a ‘jam band’. I say this because that groove is indicative of such. These guys bring the party and the video shows that with its creativity and originality.

And for those thinking that groove is consistent through the track, wait until the 3-minute mark when the song and video take a dramatically dark turn and get downright dirty. You will love it!

About The Summercamp

Born and bred in the South Hills of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, The Summercamp is a five-piece outfit of diabolically eclectic alternative pop. Chemically distilling the finest flavors of funk-pop, hip-hop, rock n roll, and soul into a craft brew of auditory zest, the self-proclaimed “Campleaders” have spent years barrel-aging this unmistakable sound of their own.

Harrison Wayne is a dreamboat frontman with an evident musical theater background, nicknamed The Falsetto Falcon for his incomparable vocal tone. Mitchell McDermott mans the Wizard Station, a musical cockpit equipped with a Suhr Classic S electric guitar, Ableton Push, midi keyboards, and a MacBook running a whole mess of plugins from the Native Instruments B3 modeler to self-designed Serum patches via Ableton Live. Connor Lindsay drives a Fender J Bass processed through a pedal rig he claims is powered by diesel fuel. Sam Berman slams a Yamaha kit, nailing every tempo and time change with ultimate precision baffling other drummers who look on in awe, astonished that he does not play to a click track. Dallas Zuk is a former bedroom guitarist whose first foirée into live music was joining The Summercamp and he has more than proven worthy, demanding a roaring mid-song applause consistently following each of his face-melting guitar solos.

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The Summercamp’s debut EP “Incognito Mode” spans through several genres and deals with the concept of contemplating fate in an increasingly anxious and uncertain digital age. Produced almost entirely by the band themselves, 95% of the project was completed in living rooms, bedrooms, and a storage unit in the South Side of Pittsburgh where members lived for several months with no windows, no kitchen, and no running water. Everything heard on the record was done in true DIY fashion, aside from the drum recordings which were engineered by local indie legend Jake Hanner of the band Donora. The music on the record comes from a place of yearning for a life better than the one they had. It’s about hitting your lows, only to rise up stronger than ever; it’s about pulling your desires into reality to achieve your dreams.

The Summercamp is the best band you’ve never heard of. They have been featured extensively in the local press, including placement on Root Sports television coverage of the Pittsburgh Pirates, they were invited to perform at the Pittsburgh stop of the very last Vans Warped Tour, and back in 2015 they received accolades via a social media shout out by their heroes, indie psych superstars, Portugal. The Man. With a huge growing catalog of unreleased music and careful consideration of the increasingly short attention spans of the general public, The Summercamp has decided to release their forthcoming works as singles dropping every month or so beginning in 2020.

Featured image by Connor Lindsay.