Robert Taira Wilson has today premiered his new video for the track titled ‘Ana’. That smooth heartfelt feeling of home from a genuine troubadour, ‘Ana’ showcases the seamless meld and fusion of Robert’s subtle vocal phrasing with phenomenally gifted and varied acoustic guitar work.

Robert, to me, is a guitar god. Yes, a guitar god. While most of us think of shredders and virtuosos such as Steve Vai and the immortal Eddie Van Halen, what we don’t tend to realize is that a true musician invokes a feeling. Robert is a master of that. He takes you on the journey that inspired him to write the song. He also brilliantly captures that feeling with his guitar. This is what a true artist does.

From Robert:

‘I have been working on this song for over four years, so it feels immensely rewarding to be finally letting it out into the world.’

‘On this one occasion I couldn’t quite find the moment to tell someone how I felt about them. I felt the opportunities slipping away and before I knew it they were gone. I felt heavy with inertia and dizzy, like the world was slowly moving beneath my feet. The night was a burning wreckage and as the smoke from it drifted up, I felt myself fall.’

About Robert Taira Wilson

Robert Taira Wilson is an English artist, musician and songwriter currently based in Japan.

His music fuses intricate, classically influenced guitar playing with modern alternative songwriting. He draws inspiration from a diverse range of genres and weaves together original and deeply personal songs.

In addition to songwriting, Robert produces a wide range of work, including drawings, paintings, animation and instrumental music.

Career highlights include playing several solo shows at the National Portrait Gallery London, appearing in a featured TimeOut-Tokyo article and performing at the top of Tokyo Tower at club333.

Since 2019, Robert has been working with the independent music platform and as one of it’s partner artists, has been helping to develop a new live concert subscription service for music goers in Tokyo.