The master of microphone, RoQy TyRaiD, returns with his new video titled ‘MC4Real’.  This time teamed up with DJ Green Lantern, RoQy slams the lyrics like a clip through a gun locked in the ‘full auto’ position without skipping a beat invading the eardrums and dropping the soul-bomb without worrying where the blast radius ends. The rhythm lays the groundwork and the hook smears the canvas in this video which, in my opinion, is all too short.

About ‘MC4Real’
RoQy TyRaiD is an ‘MC4Real’. The fourth video from his project ‘Outbreak’, with the Legendary DJ Green Lantern, sees TyRaiD SAMA taking it back to the art lyricism. By now, it’s clear there is a new addition to the top spitter category. There should be no question after ‘Outbreak’. This video is all about the Phoenix scene and features just SOME of the immensely qualified and talented emcees the city has to offer.

Shot by Jon Diaz of Soundvision Films.

Artist cameos:

  • Mega Ran
  • Penny Tha Great
  • Medaforacle
  • Emmitt Dupree
  • Earthy Yarbor
  • Delly Everyday
  • Eddie Wellz
  • Torae Masters
  • The Color 8 Band ( Ashton Charles / Kal )
  • Dobey Dobe
  • Frescotoldya
  • Malik Scott