Air Apparent drops a seven-track bombshell in the form of ‘Color Dreams’. Each track transcends the electro-pop marquee and delves into diversity with tracks such as ‘Sorry’, ‘Asking You’ (my personal fav), and ‘Too Far Gone’. I mention these tracks by name because I view them as lynchpins within the EP. The stylistic shifts occur around these tracks. This, to me, gives it a more subtle transition which is brilliant for those who press play and let the tracks roll in order. By taking this approach the tracks also affect the mood of the listener, making ‘Color Dreams’ more of a score for your moment than a straight-up EP. Could this be to give you ‘Color Dreams’?

About Air Apparent
Air Apparent is an Indian-American producer based out of San Francisco. An Atlanta, Georgia native, he started making music at an early age playing piano, singing in small vocal performances at church, and playing in an orchestra.

In college, he DJ’d at a radio station, and after a couple of years began to make sample-based music inspired by J Dilla, Ta-Ku, Kanye West, et al.

In his own words: “Music is the way I express myself creatively, my escape, and absolutely the thing that gets me excited more than anything else every day.”

His influences include James Blake, Anderson. Paak, Purity Ring, Japanese Breakfast, Louis Futon, Mitski, KAYTRANADA, Al Green, Chet Baker, Ta-ku, Vampire Weekend, as well as local San Francisco artist Cassette Tapes.

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Mixing maximalist synth pop with tropical house and sensibilities cultivated from producer Neil Sethi’s upbringing on Bollywood soundtracks as a first-generation Indian-American, Air Apparent is “a real gem” according to Lefuturewave, finding a “a sound you do not often hear” on Color Dreams.