Royals have released their new single and video titled ‘Jaded’. Those first few notes make it obvious that Royals are master songwriters. The hook is strong and the song is solid. But there’s a message behind the music, and it is solid. The song is a lesson and a guide in this trying time of isolation and COVID. We are all there, whether we are still trying to figure out our new lives or we are resigned. ‘Jaded’ sings that we are not alone, and that change is here. We can all make our strength that strength of adapting, and learn that we are not alone, even if we are jaded.


”Jaded’ is the latest single from our brand new EP ‘A Spark To Ignite’ which is out June 11th. The concept, lyrical content and emotion is all driven by mental health and it holds a very important place in my heart that I want to share with everyone.

This song was written towards the end of 2020 when COVID was really starting to take its toll on me. The past year has been one of the toughest times of my life and I’ve been in a dark place that to be honest, I’m still struggling to truly get out of. I bottled up a lot of things and felt completely at my breaking point.

My aim for this song is to share awareness of mental health and break the stigma that comes along with it! I want others to know that they are not alone and that many of us go through difficult times in our lives. I am hopeful Jaded will resonate with anyone who may have been through some struggles in their life, and that it helps to provide some form of release. I am sure this will be very relatable to a lot people given what we have been through over the last year. I think that yearning for things to go back to a previous time is a message that right now we can all get behind and throughout any period in our lives it’s often a prevalent feeling.

I’m a strong believer in that it is important to speak up and seek help when needed. People shouldn’t be embarrassed or ashamed of what they’re going through. I actually keep my inbox open to everyone and anyone that needs a friend and will always be there for anyone in need. After opening up to many of my close friends and family it’s clear to me that so many people are also struggling with their mental health, particularly due to the impacts they have faced from the covid pandemic. It’s become even more important to me that we must look out for one another but also look out for ourselves and make sure we’re getting the help we need!

Jaded is probably the darkest & heaviest song we’ve ever released however still keeps true to our upbeat, pop punk sound. Musically this song is quite a bit different to some of our previous releases, being a little experimental with new sounds such as more synths, and also a heavier breakdown, influenced by our heavier music inspirations, so we’re really excited to see what the response from our listeners is like. It’s definitely a step towards where we would like our sound to be as a band.’

‘We’ve definitely given some thought to the order these singles have been released – with Worldwide Catastrophe touching on the many issues that our society has faced, Jaded takes a more personal route and how the current state of the world has taken it’s toll on us. With the lineup change last year and our decision to self produce the final tracks from the EP we decided pretty late on to get three done in one go.

The third of those to write and finish was Jaded, which we were really up against it to have ready to record. I know, being the main songwriter, that’s something Luke felt the pressure of when he was already going through so much. I think in a way, that’s what shaped the song to be what it is – because rather than thinking of things he could put into the song, he looked inwards and poured out his feelings as a release instead and I think that you can see that in the concept of everything around the song. I think the thought of wanting a previous time to come back holds true now more than ever, but it’s something we’ve all felt at one point in our lives or another.

We’re all really proud of Luke and his bravery in opening up in this one, and we’ve all got each others backs. We’re not just bandmates – we’re best friends! We incidentally ended up opening up to each other over various things in the group chat when we were discussing this song so it’s brought us closer together too.’

About Royals

Royals are a five piece pop punk based out of Southampton. Formed in 2019, the band got off to a quick start releasing several singles and music videos followed by their debut EP ‘Painted Gold’.The band headed into the studio in late 2019 with Neck Deep’s Seb Barlow to record a line of singles ready for release in 2020. The first of those singles was ‘Out Of Reach’ which was released to an amazing reception. The song was featured in Spotify’s ‘New Punk Tracks’ playlist and added to Idobi Radio’s rotation.

The band followed this up with ‘Fair-Weather Friend’ which was also featured on Spotify’s ‘New Punk Tracks’ playlist as well as ‘Pop Punk’s Not Dead’ and it also earned them a place on Alt Press’ ‘Top 10 Rising UK Pop Punk Bands’ list.

“Putting the “pop” in pop punk, Royals are dosing the genre with an extra shot of energy. Seriously, we challenge you to stream any of their upbeat, catchy tracks without compulsively bopping along. The band released their latest single,’“Fair-Weather Friend’ this past June, and it’s essential for any modern pop-punk playlist.”
Alt Press

“Royals create shimmering pop punk. Pop punk is hard to write, it’s difficult to write a catchy top line but these guys have got it down. It’s got that wonderful pro shimmer that we love from pop punk”
Kerrang Radio