The Bablers have premiered their new single titled ‘Psychadilly Circus’, from their new album of the same name. The perfect retro-rock track just in time for summer, The Bablers give a sneak preview of things to come with the album with an astutely guitar-centric track with hints of beach and party rock and fonder decades where corona was a beer and virus was the flu.

About The Bablers

The Bablers have been hailed as “the Finnish Supergroup of Pop” for a good reason. Each individual band member – songwriter/vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Arto Tamminen, Janne Haavisto (drums, vocals), Pekka Gröhn (bass, keyboards, vocals), and Hannu Pikkarainen (guitar, vocals) – holds at least one Finnish Grammy for their musical work outside the band. Their chemistry as a band has a long, rich history, though. The original band kicked off their career as teenagers storming the late-’70’s power pop and new wave scene in their native land, standing out from the crowd by singing their Merseybeat-inflected originals in English. They would go on to release an LP, 1980’s What’s All About (a delightful live video for the title track can be found on YouTube for a look at our heroes in their early days) and a few now-highly-sought singles before separating. A literally-big-in-Japan reunion record in 1998, Like The First Time, proved resoundingly that the band’s sound transcends any single era and set the stage for future endeavors. And in the past few years, a series of singles have hinted at yet a third wave of The Bablers activity.

Their new album ‘Psychadilly Circus’ more than delivers on the promise of the decades past. Bookended by versions of the recent, Lennon-esque hit “Love Is Everything!” (the latter a period-perfect Sixties-stereo-spread remix), the album shows is tinged in places by the melancholia of the years. Tamminen is, after all, no longer the “Angry Young Man” of whom he slyly sings on the tune of that name, and the lovely, jangling “When You Were Growing” is a cross-generational conversation of true maturity. But there’s ample youthful joie-de-vivre in the title track, which is just as giddily dense and trippy as one might hope, and the heavy waltz “Queen Of Yesterday” takes a swipe at those who live in the past to the exclusion of today. All of which is to say that this album is the work of a band moving its remarkable legacy forward.

The Bablers of today remain a no-nonsense pop band with an attitude. What you hear is what you get, they insist: “If you hear drums, guitars and pianos, they are drums, guitars and pianos, played by the members of the band. No autotune. No samples. Just 100% genuine handmade organic pop music.” The band’s philosophy and modus operandi are simple. The songs are in the center. Everything’s done in the name of a good pop song. Creativity and boldness are cherished. But most of all,” Tamminen says, “It’s always great fun and a privilege to be able make music with good friends – the most talented and crazy bunch!” You can hear it on the album, and it’s why you’ll want a front row seat when ‘Psychadilly Circus’ comes to town.

SOURCE: Official Bio