Critically acclaimed Swedish artist Andreas Moe has today released his highly anticipated EP ‘All Our Worries Are Poems – Pt.1’ today (May 28th). Released via Cosmos Music‘.

A sweet mix of acoustic, pop, alt-country(ish) and just good songwriting, ‘All Our Worries Are Poems – Pt.1’ is as varied as it is deep. I really can’t imagine this EP starting with any other song other than ‘Rise & Fall’. I also can’t picture any other order. The songs flow from one to another, and considering that each song is original in their own way, collectively, we have a well written book from a true songwriter.

About ‘All Our Worries Are Poems – Pt.1’

‘All Our Worries Are Poems – Pt.1’ is an uplifting collection of guitar-pop musings written during troubled times. It features brand new songs including the delicate heartfelt acoustic track “Rise & Fall” and the inspiring anthem “Wholeheartedly”, which finds Moe casting away worries with a huge emotive vocal surrounded by rich bluesy Americana guitar. The EP also features previously released singles including the liberating soaring pop track“Holding On” and the bright feel-good “Hey Lulu” – both of which were teasers for fans over the past few months and have been praised by top industry tastemakers including American Songwriter and Top Shelf Music Mag.

‘All Our Worries Are Poems – Pt. 1’ is a deeply personal reflection of Andreas Moe over the past year as his genuine and sincere songwriting shine through with inescapable warm and glorious tones. Moe’s home-recorded and self-produced collection of songs came to fruition during isolation from the COVID-19 pandemic, which Moe says is some of his most genuine work yet. “I’m so excited to be able to release these new songs that were all born in the middle of a pandemic. I’ve always felt proud and connected to the music I put out because each song has its own story and journey, but I have to say, never before have I released music that I so genuinely feel reflects who I am and want to be as an artist,” says Moe.

About Andreas Moe

Andreas Moe is a Swedish five times Platinum songwriter & established artist. He debuted as a solo artist back in 2012 & has since worked with artists such as Tiesto, Avicii and John De Sohn. Now he will release his hotly anticipated EP. His previous singles have received a lot of praise from credible international outlets such as; Indie Vibes, American Songwriter, Whytt Mag, CelebMix, Good Art Guide, Rage Robot, Purple Revolver, Fierce & Fabulous Revolution among many others.

Featured image by Alma Bengtsson.