Vandebilt (pronounced ˈvændəbɪlt, pronounced in three syllables ‘Van’, ‘Duh’ & ‘built’) delivers a sexy and snarky track with a memorable beat in the form of their new track and video titled ‘Dream In Colour’. The song will cause you to tap your feet under the desk and shorten your day with a pleasurable daydream of that walk on the beach or that moment in the club where you met someone that you’re still with today. An ideal combination of dance floor suaveness and inner debonair set the stage and calm the rage with laid back passion and straight forward originality.

About Vandebilt
Vandebilt is a four piece dance-floor inspired indie disco band from Sunderland, in the North-East of England.

Taking their name from the Paul McCartney song “Mrs. Vandebilt”, the band are not one for gimmicks or Instagram inspired fads or the rush of the industry and take inspiration from the song of their name – don’t worry, no need to rush. Their music is honest, positive and centered around the band’s experiences of love, lust, and loss as well as frequent experiences of north-east working clubs.

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