Vix20 has premiered their new video for the track titled ‘Broken Melody’. Taking a large detour from tracks past, Vix20 shows a lighter side of originality with a retro-hook-filled melody-induced track with tips of the hat to the likes of Christopher Cross, Pink Floyd, and more. Sound like an original mix? You have to listen to find them, but they are all there. This is as much a classic approach to songwriting as it is a time-honored way to lay a track down.

The video gives that lucid memory to the graphic artists of old that worked on such classics as ‘Heavy Metal’ and ‘Animalympics’. Given the music-heavy tinges of those two classic films, it’s easy to see where Vix20 gets some of its influence. And that influence is worn on the sleeve on the jacket of originality.

About ‘Broken Melody’

Whoops they did it again… nothing can keep VIX20 down, not even a pandemic!

Embarking on what would be a ballad song if VIX20 did a ballad song. ‘Broken Melody’ is Slated to come out on 5 March 2021. The new song takes you back to the melody of The WINGS infused with WHAM’S “careless whisper” a NU School melodic roots in REEL Skool style. REEL Skool refers to the real music found on tape to tape reels unlike the computer-generated music of today. The strums of the guitar’s beat of the drums and tickling the piano along with smooth style vocals give new vigor to Soft Pop Rock!

From the band…..Vix doesn’t really do ballads but if they did….Best described as a slightly sinister journey that twists and turns through joy, grief, and revenge. Highlighting Vix’s diverse songwriting, Broken Melody started life as a 10 min throw down by Mills and Kill, CJ immediately raised the song to the next level. Vix doesn’t really do guitar solos but if they did …it would be on the full version.

About Vix20

Vix20 is Gary Mills and CJ, two music industry veterans who grew so disillusioned with the state of every element of the music industry that they both walked away vowing not to return…fast forward a few years, now rejuvenated, though no less prickly about the Modern Age, they return, to quote the band themselves, “we’re hard rockers turned to the dark side of pop”.

As evidenced in their single, Digital Age, their passion for power-pop (don’t say ‘punk-pop’ to them, it suggests too much jumping around) and dexterity with words combines to become insanely catchy 3-minute thunderbolts. Completing the Vix lineup is long-time conspirators Rich Norris and Kill, with a busy year ahead the next single is planned for April and the band will appear at the International pop overthrow festival in May at the legendary Liverpool venue The Cavern.