With a touch of ethereal musical chemistry a magical duo, an almost quasi Adam & Eve of collaboration of sorts, in the form of Jo Beth Young (RISE) and Peter Yates (Fields Of The Nephilim) come together in harmonic bliss in the form of their new single and video titled ‘Where Are We Now’. The original David Bowie version (view HERE) is a somewhat eclectic Avante garde song, and Yates & Young give it an almost dreamlike touch. The video also has a personal touch. Made by Jo Beth Young using footage of her great grandfather, Dandy George (Albert George Spink) and his faithful dog, Rosie. The combination of the silent era footage with this beautiful rendition of a late-era Bowie classic gives the video an almost visually haunting look and feel about it which almost can’t be described, but can certainly be admired.

About Yates & Young

Peter Yates releases a new EP of progressive, deeply atmospheric, dark and beautiful tracks in collaboration with Jo Beth Young (aka RISE).

The EP comprises of signature Peter Yates guitar sounds, progressive pieces, and two surprising covers all featuring the haunting ethereal vocals of Young throughout. The first is to be released 20.09.19 and is of David Bowie’s “Where Are We Now”.

The self-released EP will be available on Peter Yates Bandcamp.

The music video was made by Young using footage of her great grandfather, music hall and vaudeville artist Dandy George. The rare footage is of him on stage performing with his dog Rosie in 1927.

This will be the first Yates and Young release following the Yates and Delaney EP (which Young guested on) and the second for Yates this year after guesting on the EVI VINE album Black, White, Light, Dark released this February.

On October 18th, 2019 Young’s second album as RISE ‘Strangers’ will be released via Wise Queen Records and features Peter on many of the main tracks including the already released Dark Cloud and Radio Silence.