When multi-talents collide the magic happens. This is none the truer than with Mono Sources aka Brett Bixby and Jesse Nason. Their new eponymous album is a spectacular blend of memorable musical passages and pop songs mixed and mastered with care and love by two people who are as much fans of music as they are masters of it.

The album is also perfectly ordered in such a way as to press play and forget and let the music speak for itself on a road trip driving down that highway while the music becomes the score for those contemplative thoughts while alone in the car. Go ahead and pick a favorite track. You won’t be wrong.

About Mono Sources

Mono Sources is a collaboration between multi-instrumentalists Brett Bixby and Jesse Nason. The duo met during the recording of Bixby’s 2006 solo album, City Lights, after which Nason joined Brett’s band in support of the album. As the record saw a viral surge behind the hit single “Fireside” (currently at over 35 million streams on Spotify), the duo decided to share a studio in Long Beach and work with no preconceived idea of what they wanted to create.

The newly minted Mono Sources decided that the only rule in the studio was that “if a new piece of equipment comes into the studio, it has to be used on today’s work.” The resulting self-titled record feels somewhere born out of that improvisational nature in the shared studio filled in with the thoughtful arrangements of two career musicians.

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Featuring vocalists SAS, Lauren Hillman (Kotomi), and Nick Logie (Hott MT) along with award-winning poet Derrick Brown, the finished album combines the moody synths, mid tempo beats, primary melodies, self-spun lyrics, and spirit of collaboration that drew the duo together in the first place. Mono Sources is “somewhat of an experimentation” according to its creators – both a headphone mixtape and a collage of different sounds and voices.