French Alps Tiger has today released their new video for the track titled ‘Lost Boys’. For a band that has only released five singles thus far, they prove that they are the consummate musicians with a weathered sound with an original blend of post-punk and riff-based adrenaline fueled by that drive to get the word out by surrounding that word with angst, attitude, anarchy and authority.

The video is an uber-journey into the song itself in a reverse version of a soundtrack to a video. For a band that has found their sound at such an early stage of their journey, French Alps Tiger join the ranks of the established to help define the sound for this decade.

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About ‘Lost Boys’

‘Lost Boys’ is French Alps Tiger’s fifth single and is a slacker rock, surf punk anthem to fling yourself around in grimy venues. For fans of Weezer, FIDLAR & Wavves and produced by Chris Dimas of Canada’s Surf Dads and Bleeker, Russ (French Alps Tiger) explains, “Fuck Peter Pan and fuck Keifer Sutherland.”

‘Lost Boys’ is a razor sharp, white knuckle, dirty bomb, from the east side of The Costa Del Swan. Skate-Punk for the Blind Drunk. You didn’t have to think of the last thing you thought of. So why try, Eh? Instead, enjoy this Ode to all those consciously pissing into the wind, just because they’re used to the taste, and feel uncomfortable not being drenched in a mess of their own making”

Named after the elusive tiger found only in the French Alps of South Wales, they like writing music that reminds them of being kids and playing shows that remind you too. Mixing fun energetic rhythms with raw melodies, wavey guitars and lyrics about your mum.