Chintzy Stetson has today released his new video for the track titled ‘Tight Bend’. Tongue-in-cheek with a bit of snark, like a drinking song that everyone wants to join in on but some are afraid of how talented it will actually make them look, ‘Tight Bend’ has that endearing sound about it from the start. Bolstered by a beautiful string section uplifting the guitar, ‘Tight Bend’ encompasses a simple yet elegant video shot via a somewhat emotional rendition of the song itself. Simple, but it totally works with the song because it fits. It visualizes what the song is. Simple. Brilliant. A taste of things to come.

About ‘Tight Bend’

Rising pop artist Chintzy Stetson has returned with his latest musing track ‘Tight Bend’, a lo-fi style single that will prompt listeners to soak up its meaning and reflect. Delivering piercing vocals that glide on top of dreamy melodies, Chintzy Stetson creates a blissful and melancholic soundscape that you can instantly get lost in.

Striking the perfect balance between delicate and powerful, Chintzy Stetson’s emotive lyricism and soulful vocals take center stage in ‘Tight Bend’, as the artist shows he is unafraid to get candid. Also releasing a thought-provoking music video, Chintzy Stetson sings in front of a projector that illustrates his lyrical intent, forging a vibrant audio visual world that allows you to connect every word he croons.

Arriving on the scene in 2021, the artist has already made a big impression with his sound. Turning the heads of BBC Introducing, gearing up for a headline gig in London on 31st March (details HERE), and with a stellar album on the horizon later this year, 2022 is shaping up to be a big year for Chintzy Stetson.

Speaking on the new single, the talent reveals, “The track is about when the carousel goes too fast and all the spinning plates wash into one tie dye of hell. It’s very much a vomit of regurgitated information absorbed through my television during the second lockdown. I wrote it in one go and recorded it at home in London through the pandemic and sent it to Tom Ungerer (Sam Fender) to produce it. It was originally 16 verses but has been cut down to 5.”

About Chintzy Stetson

Louis Adams, better known as Chintzy Stetson, has lived a life of revolving doors. Hopscotching between eight or nine different schools as a kid, he’s moved from hedonistic house shares to extended hospital stays, major record label offices to LA parties, all while squeezing time in for scores of sprawling studio sessions. Now, he’s finally found his spiritual home via Chintzy Stetson. His solo sound brims with the sexy pop grooves of mid-noughties B-Town and a thing for Bowie-style bursts of sax, drawing on a decade of collaborations and chequered experiences. Stetson’s work has been over a decade in the making. Growing up in North Shields with close friend and Catfish and the Bottlemen guitarist Johnny ‘Bondy’ Bond, Stetson cut his teeth as part of the house band at local institution The Cluny. Next, he moved into a particularly pharmaceutical house and formed psych-rock band Them Things, signing to LA label Manimal Vinyl.

Stetson became further jaded after two physical injuries, missing out on gigs supporting The Flaming Lips. Faced with the prospect of never playing guitar again and wiped out from years of near big breaks, Stetson faded into painkiller dependence and brain-fogged seclusion, surviving what he calls “five years of affliction, addiction and intermission.” Now, though, Stetson’s turned a corner, ready to speed down the home straight. Bolstered by other supporters and armed with a holster of red-hot pop, he’s ready to bring his sound to the masses, assembling a full band, releasing his debut EP and selling out his London headline shows at Sebright Arms and Shacklewell Arms. “I’m just grateful,” he says. During years of false starts, Stetson’s always kept the door to a solo project ajar, now ready to fling it open with zeal; and, to that, we can do nothing but tip our hats.