Genus Ordinis Dei has today released their new video for the track titled ‘The Entropic Queen’. Dark and , well, darker, Genus Ordinis Dei gives a dark (see the pattern here?) song for the pandemic, which explains the dark. But this is done with brilliance, stoic and strong response, and originality. Genus Ordinis Dei are a consummate set of musicians who took their music and made a vivid account of the pandemic times we are in. And they did it with such an original gusto that, in all honesty, I would say they are one of the few and, certainly, one of the first, to do it in such a way. Thank you.

About Genus Ordinis Dei & ‘The Entropic Queen’

The Entropic Queen is the new music video and single from Italian symphonic death metal masters, Genus Ordinis Dei. The single was just released worldwide a couple of days ago, and it is the latest since the release of their critically acclaimed full-length album and metal music video series Glare of Deliverance.

The Entropic Queen was produced by Tommy Monticelli at Sonitus Studio during the after-effects of the band’s infection with the Covid-19 virus. The song tells a story about the pandemic, but from the perspective of the virus which is represented as an entropic queen who (invaded by the continuous expansion of man) reacts and responds to the attack, with her army of spike-carrying soldiers. The whole song is a great allegory that narrates the attack on the cell by the virus as if it were the assault of a castle. The single features cover art by Tom Roberts.

Featured image by Mattia Gianelli.