1. Ladyshow Beautiful Animal 5:29

The new ”double a-sided” single BEAUTIFUL ANIMAL / LADYSHOW takes the listener to a journey on a slightly rougher and rockier surface: the hard-soul-rocky, tight-but-loose, self-titled song and provocatively funky Ladyshow offer perhaps the heaviest Beautiful Animal songs to date.

This release is the fourth single off the upcoming debut album and like the previous ones it’s produced and performed by Beautiful Animal, with the audio-visually multi-talented Alexi Joutsen lending his paws for the synth track of Ladyshow.In 2021 the band released three singles. All six originals and a remix version were well received and are still played globally across the Internet radio channels. In March 2022 the song ”Sea” climbed on top of Spanish based This Is Only Rock Radio’s TIORR3-playlist.

“Multicolourflower” – the band’s first music video – climbed up to seven on TIORR2-playlist while Radio Warfare with Tim Livingston’s Voodoo Radio show listed the song as number nine, which is Beautiful Animal’s favorite number. Although Beautiful Animal flirts with several musical styles and don’t feel the need to define or compare themselves to anything, it has been said that they sounded lot like Blondie or Roxette in places, maybe they do, maybe they don’t. but they sound pretty damn good!

“Ladyshow” – Queer, even dreamlike tale of a night on the town. Convertibles glitter in the neon lights, the nocturnal sins attract, the taboos wait to be broken like glass shoes in an elephant shop and the forbidden clubs keeps their forgotten doors are wide open.

SOURCE: Official Bio