1. Should Have Never Dated Guyville 3:31

Guyville has today released their new single titled ‘Should Have Never Dated’. The best songs come from life lessons and, let’s face it, this song comes from a lesson that all of us have been through and some of us have learned. What Guyville does is document and highlight those lessons with brilliant song that shows that weathered style amid lush and vivid songwriting.

To b honest, I don’t know whether or not I would be proud or ashamed to be the inspiration for this song. But I’m glad its released.

About Guyville

Guyville is a Los Angeles based duo composed of its founding members, Kat Hamilton and Emily Hulslander. The pair craft songs that combine elements of 90s rock, pop and Americana. As their name suggests, the legacy of Liz Phair brought these two powerful women together in songwriting bliss. The duo strikes the perfect chord with Hulslander’s intelligent pop approach and Hamilton’s confessional lyricism.

Guyville was formed during your usual Los Angeles writing session in the Valley. What was unusual was the easy flow and chemistry between the two prolific writers. Within a few hours, the duo had written their first song “Should’ve Never Dated”. Emily Hulslander had already made a strong name for herself in LA songwriting circles, but was struggling to find another writer who she could relax into the process with. Kat Hamilton was newer to LA, but felt unfulfilled as a writer. On that pivotal day, Emily and Kat found common ground in their failed relationships, artistic journeys and the women of the 90s.

This connection is highlighted in their debut Guyville single, “Nothing”. The end of summer jam combines elements of indie rock and 90s girl anthems with a sprinkle of Shania Twain. “Nothing” celebrates the wonderful post- breakup feeling of absolutely nothing for your ex. In the music video, Hamilton and Hulslander frolic in rose gardens and dance along sandy beaches. The result is a bubbly, tongue in cheek ode to getting over it and moving on.

With their latest track “Should Have Never Dated” Guyville crafts a highly infectious 90’s inspired indie rock song all about the regret of entering into certain romantic relationships especially those with other musical partners and collaborators. Mixing work with pleasure does not always end well and Guyville explores this in the magnetic “Should Have Never Dated”.

Featured image by Jenna Goyhenetche.