Seven Eyed Crow has released their new video for the track titled ‘Weird Boy’, from their new album ‘Icarus’. Prog-metal as accessible and alt-rock as memorable, Seven Eyed Crow make originality a priority with a video of images encapsulating the lyrics and visualizing the music. The age of the guitar is alive and well with all seven of it’s eyes open. Now open your ears and take a listen.

About Seven Eyed Crow

Seven Eyed Crow started in summer 2013, with Aurélien (guitars) and Tom (bass). After a few years playing with their former bands, they chose to form a new project, on strong progressive rock basis. Alex (guitar) gets on board, to bring colors and power to strings. Then Fred (drums) joins the team, with his own experimental metal past and influences (Mister Bungle, Bumblefoot…).

A few months later, Jay (vocals) is added to the crew, and sets a new layer of fusion, funk and hip-hop to the songs.

On spring 2016 and after some months of hard work, Seven Eyed Crow released its very promising debut EP ‘Dark ways to the sun’ before to start the work on a full-length album called ‘Organized Chaos’, released on 2018 through the Send The Wood music label.

4 years later, the band is back with a new record, an EP called ‘Icarus’ and exploring melodic depth and asymmetrical structures.