Officially launched on the artist’s YouTube Channelon August 17th, a new four minute music video titled ‘Dope Boy’ features California native hip hop artist, Doza. The song was produced by L. David Song and was mixed and mastered by Julius Tuazon. The video was directed and edited by Jan Lim and was shot primarily at Gradient Studiosin downtown LA.

In the ‘Dope Boy’ song, Doza portrays the persona of the cocky and arrogant criminal as the video’s focus and main character. Despite being kidnapped, he remains cool and calm because he feels he isn’t in danger. That is, until he realizes he’s been double crossed by his partner in crime. Even at the end when he finally accepts his fate, he does so with a smile because he knows it’s what he signed up for by taking part in this life. At the very least, he got to see a nice kiss before dying. The entire video is here to watch and share:

Randy Koszela, the video’s Co-Director, provided some exclusive comments stating, “It was a pleasure working with Doza on this video. Jan and I had shot a video with him before but this was Doza’s first time really acting in one of his videos. I was impressed by how quick he really picked it up and his ability to hold his character through takes, even while beautiful girls were torturing and seducing him in scenes.”

Doza wanted the video to look and feel much darker in contrast to other music videos he has worked on in the past, all while trusting in his directors to produce something that was visually intriguing. This music video follows the artist’s debut EP which launched in the Spring of this year. ‘Dope Boy’ is Doza’s second single and music video and stars Doza, Francoise Boshart (who plays Doza’s blonde accomplice on camera) and Asian model Na Yun Bae Feeny.

Koszela goes on to say, “You can expect great things out of this artist, from his lyrical constructions to his delivery, and to his new craft of bringing his alter ego to life on the visual front.”

About the Artist:
Doza is a 26 year old hip hop artist born and raised in Los Angeles, California. His work is influenced by the 90’s hip-hop era, including artists like 2pac, Eminem, Redman, Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg. In March of 2013, Doza released his debut EP ‘Budget Cuts’, which has been featured on top music blogs like Endless Hip Hop, Rap4Ever, RisingHype, Hip-HopVibe and Curb Weight. Doza has worked alongside Asi Friedman who is best known for executive producing the Native Guns “Barrel Men” album, and for working with the group Kahn Kwest for the single “Cali Life” on their 2014 mixtape “Musical Exploration”.