1. Love Song Hobsons Bay Coast Guard 5:21

Cult Naarm (Melbourne) pop-surf outfit Hobsons Bay Coast Guard are back with their second LP, Tubular Swells – another buoyant pilgrimage into the twin worlds of experimental surf-rock and hyperactive dream-pop. Through the dense cloud of gloom cast over the beginning of the 2020’s, bursts Tubular Swells – a joyous sonic enterprise to accompany the long awaited rebirth of our communities.

Less than a minute into Tubular Swells, the opening lyric, ‘Just a little sun, gets wasted on my own,’ articulates this energy tangibly. What follows is 45 minutes of endless variety and delightful surprise; a psychedelic journey into the inner chambers of the mind’s ear. Since their self-titled debut in 2019, Hobsons have not only been tirelessly determined to flip rock and pop tropes on their head, but to have a blast while they’re at it. Their free flowing jeunesse pours into and out of this latest release, making for a refreshing taste of what pop music can be.

LOVE SONG The final single and stand out track of the release is ‘Love Song’. A cruise-ship surf classic that was made for hot nights and cool company, ‘Love Song’ is for dancing and thinking about your crush at the same time. With a groovy backbeat to turn the heads of Drugdealer or Mild High Club, crooning vocals that could belong to Julian Casablancas’ little brother, and a lush harmonic finale of voice and brass to rival Blood, Sweat & Tears, ‘Love Song’ is the next anthem on the soundtrack of your life. Recorded, produced and mixed entirely at home, Tubular Swells was mixed by band-member Erik Scerba and mastered by Joe Carra from Crystal Mastering.

HBCG says: “Love Song was always a favorite in our live shows, it was the feeling of performing on some kind of cheap cruise-ship cabaret. We wanted to make sure we captured that fun and kind of kitschy essence. This meant Erik ended up doing about two hundred vocal takes before everyone was happy. He lost his voice for a month but it was worth it!” Tubular Swells is out independently on Bandcamp and all major streaming platforms.