PJ LaMariana has released his new album titled ‘For Your’. That initial first listen gives me hope for the independent music scene. That feeling of jam band meets troubadour meets poet gives me a case of the smiles. But, add to that monster hooks and subtle melodies you get the golden era of radio meets the modern era of Spotify. Think golden era Dave Matthews with a touch of The Doobie Brothers filtered through pure originality.

About PJ LaMariana

PJ LaMariana is a seasoned jam-band artist based in NYC. Having been enthralled with music since childhood, the long-time musician has made a respectable name in the industry as a killer bass guitarist. During his career, PJ has accompanied artists like Merl Saunders, Keller Williams, John Kadlecik, Oteil Burbridge, and many other great musicians. In addition to his deep history in jam-based rock, PJ also explores other genres – ranging from jazz, to bluegrass, to metal – that come together to create his signature sound.

The singer-songwriter’s colorful songwriting style is a direct product of his diverse experience as a professional bassist. A music lover at heart, PJ constantly finds himself seeking out live music to enjoy. His love and respect for the art of live performance is a key aspect of his artistic identity. PJ’s music is characterized by a contagious energy, thoughtfully crafted instrumentation, and an authentic relatability only demonstrated by seasoned musicians.

In the last few years, PJ has taken a huge leap into the spotlight; having developed his guitar, vocal, and songwriting skills, this passionate musician found himself itching to bring the melodies that have meandered through his head over the years to life. After a chance reconnection with an old high school friend-turned-producer, the two eagerly combined their talents and jumped into creating music together.