Honey Cellar has released their new single titled ‘Dorma’, from their upcoming second album. Beautifully crafted in the realm of folk with a soft and gentle way about it, ‘Dorma’ explodes just enough to attend to your ears with sonic serenity. Led with a simple mandolin acting as conductor, the song subtly sores with a feeling of peace with surroundings in Americana laid roads with nothing to do but be with you. That is music, to me.

About ‘Dorma’

“Dorma” is Honey Cellar’s anthem to the earth. Drawing inspiration from the sounds of the mandolin, the band leaned into their folk-rock sensibilities and collaborative spirit to create their latest track. The Illinois-based band consists of Joey Buttlar (drums, percussion), Danny Connolly (guitar, vocals), Lucy Holden (violin, mandolin, vocals), Catherine Krol (bass, vocals) and Tariq Shihadah (guitar). The band explains that Holden originally brought the mandolin riff to Connolly who “paired it with a catchy counter-melody that resulted in the evocative chorus we hear today.” The chorus is not only evocative but incredibly powerful. “Rivers run into the sea, smoothing all the jagged edges of the stones beneath. And in our time, stars will close their eyes. We’ll dream of brighter things,” Krol and Connolly sing. “Dorma” deals with the precariousness of climate change but in a non-political tone. There is a subtle grace to the song’s structure as it reminds listeners of the complex yet fragile relationship between humans and our home.

As for the song’s name, Holden shares that it was a word that came to her during the music-making process that seemed to describe the feel of the track. Later, she found that “dorma” is the Italian word for sleep and discovered the famous aria “Nessun Dorma.” Building the lyrics around this inspiration, the band created “Dorma,” the second single off of their second album. “Our intention with this song was to evoke the primal imagery that humans began with when interacting with the world, until we ultimately extracted ourselves from the role that nature plays in guiding the fate of our lives and experiences,” the band explains. “It’s a call to action, guided by a fear of and for nature.”

About Honey Cellar

Honey Cellar is a folk rock band born out of a border town, where fiddle tunes, folk punk, and Midsummer brought them together. They are based in Chicago and have played at venues all around the Midwest. Their rich vocal harmony, vibrant instrumentals, and earnest lyrics make each show an intimate yet electrifying experience.

Their debut album, In Our Time, plays like an oasis of gentle melodies and nostalgic lyrics in a tumultuous year. Nine original songs showcase the band’s folk roots built on a backbone of rock rhythm and introspective lyrics. The lead singers’ dynamic vocal harmonies rise to the powerhouse wail of the Civil Wars and soften to the haunting duet of Better Oblivion Community Center. Alongside these voices the Irish-inspired mandolin and violin soar, weaving in and out of center stage like a third voice.