1. Standard Candle Mountains Of Jura 8:34

Los Angeles-based shoegazers, Mountains of Jura, look to explore the confines of the genre. The familiar layered guitars and reverb-soaked vocals are present, evoking the dreamy bliss of Slowdive, and the minimalist beauty of Sigur Ros, while adding dynamic shifts that recall the more edgy leanings of Mogwai. Made up of the core duo of Daniel Cleland (guitars/vocals) and Jason Damiano (bass), Mountains of Jura is a pure collaborative project. Each song starts as an improvisational jam, allowing the individual musician to add to the foundation and feel of the tune. Songs are slowly shaped into the final version which ends up on the album.

Formed in 2016 as primarily a studio endeavor, Mountains of Jura released their first EP shortly after. Although raw in its production values, it captured the power and beautiful chaos of their early jams. While playing a few local shows, the band continued to create and mold new songs which would become their debut full length album. But shortly before getting ready to record, they found themselves without a drummer. With demos of five suitable songs, and one in the works, Daniel and Jason turned to longtime collaborator and veteran drummer/engineer Greg Paxton to lend his talents and help them put the finishing touches in the studio. Working through technical and pandemic related delays, they have emerged on the other side.

Now they are back with a new focus in support of their self-titled debut album. With 6 towering tracks that bridge the gap between ambient meditation and post-rock exploration, Mountains of Jura is familiar, but fresh, with a beautiful shoegaze haze that stays accessible, all while keeping songwriting and melodies at the forefront. MOJ hope you enjoy.

SOURCE: Official Bio