1. Decay Hongza 3:38

Hongza returns with a new single titled ‘Decay’, from his upcoming EP ‘Inside My Mind’, dropping August 19th. Dropped like a rock into a puddle of dreams, ‘Decay’ is solid as said rock surrounded by an aura of solid cool. This is as much a rock anthem as it is a hook wrapped in a statement. That statement is the importance of solidarity for those that need us. Listen to the lyrics, as hard as that maybe because of the coolness of the music, because even the most savory is wrapped in sweetness. And, that is the best way to take your medicine.

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About ‘Decay’

TikTok influencer and voice of Gen-Zs, Hongza returns with the new single ‘Decay’ taken from his upcoming EP, Inside My Mind. The first single ‘Live in Mono (featuring Annabel Allum)’ was the first taster of what’s to come from the EP set for release August 19th and received support from Alt Ctrl / Apple Music, Amazing Radio and Live Nation’s Ones to Watch.

Following the success of his debut EP Gen Z, which also saw support from Apple Music Beats 1, Live Nation’s Ones to Watch and Spotify’s Fresh Finds Rock, ‘Decay’ touches on a narrative of mental health and how important it is to look out for one another.

About Hongza

With his constant championing of British Asian musicians through his TikTok platform (39K followers), Hongza is also looking to start a festival to continue showing his enthusiasm for people similar to himself. He is also looking to secure British Asian musicians to support him with his UK shows later this year.

Behind the nickname ‘Hongza’ stands singer, songwriter Sam Hong who grew up in North London in a Vietnamese household where his pursuit of music as a profession has been frowned upon.

However, being rejected by his inner circle has only fueled his passion for music and desire to follow his dream. Hongza previously fronted shoegaze band DAZE till 2018 sharing stages with the likes of Cassia, Larkins, Judas. Keen to embark on a new chapter, Hongza returns as a solo alternative artist determined to reignite the worlds of indie, pop, and shoegaze.