1. Lighthouse Noir Sea Lungs 4:40

Australian collective Sea Lungs’ new single ‘Lighthouse Noir’ is described by label Mantravision Productions as “an acid rock sea shanty harking back to the days when and organ was as important in heavy rock as a fuzz pedal and big freaked out guitar intros were mandatory.”

Add to that description theatrical deathrock-meets-batcave vocals (a la Rozz Williams, Andi Sexgang, Gavin Friday), which lend a demented, carnivalesque air to the already seasick 6/4 rhythm and spooked psychedelic organ, and you start to get the picture.

Based between Melbourne and Sydney, Australia, Sea Lungs feature former and current members of Pigs of the Roman Empire, Sounds Like Winter, and WELL. With increasing swagger and riddled with nautical references (if not scurvy), the group have thus far displayed a knack for merging disparate musical influences: from ‘70s garage, psyche, and sludgy stoner rock; to swampy Antipodean post-punk, early UK goth, and Californian deathrock.

‘Lighthouse Noir’ is their third single since the two-song offering ‘Sea Lungs Pt. 1’ twelve months ago, followed by ‘Piss Up a Rope’ in December ‘21. The latter has seen Sea Lungs’ underground profile steadily rising, with rotation from international DJs and radio, and universally positive reviews from specialty bloggers. Released today, the rollicking new single ‘Lighthouse Noir’ sees the Aussie mutineers primed to start making waves in earnest.

SOURCE: Official Bio