‘Fun Runners’ was inspired by working with singer-songwriter David Freja and his songs’ unusual stop start rhythms, at times reminiscent of Senegalise mbalax music such as Cheikh Lo.

The song was written after a session drumming on David Freja’s song Danger In A Promise and has a similar urgent funkiness. The lyrics delve into the implications of the statement ‘you can’t run from yourself’ and was inspired by a line in the drama Killing Eve in which a psychiatrist says ‘in my experience, reinvention is usually just avoidance’.

Jack Goodall and The Kick perform their own kind of music. 2020 saw the formation of The Kick, a powerful force that became a regular fixture at shows and then at sessions during lockdown. Previously solo, Jack Goodall has toured the UK, Ireland and Canada and released three albums of lyrical and frequently funky music.

‘Never Happen’ written by Goodall and drummer Jack Smith, presents a new electronic sound yet maintains the band chemistry and energy of previous releases. The track was mixed by Doctor L ( Mbongwana Star, Tony Allen ) who adds his magic.

The Kick is

Jack Smith – drums – backing vocals
David Rees-Jones – percussion
Emma Reading – guitars
Keiran Kennedy -bass guitar

SOURCE: Official Bio