1. An Interview with Stella Wembley Jammerzine Exclusive 35:17

Jammerzine has an exclusive interview with multi-instrumentalist Stella Wembley. Fresh from the heels of her latest single titled ‘Images of Death’ (review HERE), we get a timestamp on Stella’s current plans and status within this global pandemic and within the state of the music industry as well as her upcoming plans and collaborations.

About Stella Wembley

A Graduate from Conservatorio di Musica “San Pietro a Majella” di Napoli, Stella Wembley is the new rising star of the UK Dark Synth/Gothic Scene. An accomplished music producer, video director, composer, lyricist, multifaceted musician and truly exceptional vocalist Stella captivates with her own particular take on the genre.

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Alluringly she leads the listener into a haunted realm where, with powerful and evocative deep lyrics, she lays bare her soul in a psycho-drama of tragedy and melancholic sensuality. She sings powerfully, yet with a hint of vulnerability, like a beautiful damned siren calling us to join her in her dark universe.

Stella Wembley is a visionary artist who seems to defy description.