1. An Interview with Dar.Ra Jammerzine Exclusive 2:10:24

Dar.Ra is a true multi-talent in the realms of the #indie scene. He’s an author, documentary filmmaker, producer, songwriter, and recording artist. And today we not only get a unique interview, which is more like a really deep conversation, but we also get a couple of stellar live performances to boot. This exclusive is more of an experience into the mind of a truly unique mind and outside-of-the-box thinker. Listen to this as a lesson in idea fermentation and take these words to heart.

Check out Dar.Ra’s music below!

About Dar.Ra

Born in Dublin, Ireland, Darragh J Brady – AKA Dar.Ra has been in the music industry for a while with hits in the UK and Australia, signed to EMI, Festival and various dance labels over the years, remixing Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Tears 4 Fears, Savage Garden, and writing for Rachel Brown (Faithless, Groove Armada) plus having music on various Hollywood films like ‘Snakes on Planes’ films starring Hilary Duff on ABC TV, Match Of Day (BBC TV) and US Documentary City Of Hope.

Check out Dar.Ra’s documentary on Brighton on Jammer Direct HERE.

He grew up in Brighton and London and his first solo album Soul Hours was released in 2010 made the album of the week of Spain’s Heart FM, as well as receiving support from BBC Radio, playing to over 1 million people on-air within one live show.

Also an author, Dar.Ra has a book available called ‘Road Tales’ which has been getting brilliant reviews and is based on people Dar.Ra met while being the road from the late 1990s to 2008.