1. An Interview with Hostile Array Jammerzine Exclusive 29:51

Politics and music have a long history together. Just ask Bob Dylan and Rage Against The Machine. In this case, however, the protest and commentary have a more melodic feel in the form of Hostile Array. The band, fronted by vocalist Brendan Frey, is set to release their debut album tomorrow (June 1st). And here we are with a true Jammerzine Exclusive the day before! In this interview, we get inside one of the minds behind the music and talk to Brendan about the new album, the messages of the songs, the state of music in general, and the state of the state. Enjoy!

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About Hostile Array
Politics and art have a long history together. Music, in particular, has been used to protest, educate, and even to propagandize. It is undeniable that its influence has helped shape society as we know it. Hailing from Frederick, Maryland, Hostile Array aims to bring their own unapologetic perspective to an increasingly divisive culture.

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The group, made up of Brendan Frey, Garrison Frey, Hector Fernandez, Fredy Menjivar, and Andrew Markle, released their first single, “Devoid”, in July of 2017 which focused on the tragedy of civilian casualties in the Middle East and US intervention policies. The band aims to continue the political and social dialogue with each new release. Pulling from a variety of influences such as Underoath, Norma Jean, Silent Planet, and Architects, the band delivers a diverse and unique blend of sounds, while maintaining a message that questions the status quo.

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