1. An Interview with Something Like December Jammerzine Exclusive 42:17
  2. Closer (Preview) Something Like December 0:30
  3. The Last Laugh (Preview) Something Like December 0:30
  4. See You When The Sun's Up (Preview) Something Like December 0:30

When you think about the band Something Like December, by listening to their new EP “We’ll All Die Laughing”, you would never know that this band has only been around a little over a year. You would also know that the members of this band are so you (barely 20). But what you will know, and come to realize all so well, is that this band have most definitely been around the block and then some. They’ve lived a thousand lifetimes in that short span of time. They have also showed the world that they can take the punches that life gives all of us and not only continue to move forward, but learn from those punches. This is a group of 3 solid individuals that not only band together like a well tuned machine, but like a family.

In this exclusive interview, we learn from Something Like December’s frontman, Austin Jones, what it takes to be a part of that family and to move forward as, not only a band, but as one of the next acts to put their permanent stamp on the face of indie. As you listen, you will realize that this is not so much of an interview, it’s a lesson. Enjoy!

Check out our review of Something Like December’s “We’ll All Die Laughing”“We’ll All Die Laughing” is out now on Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, and more!


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Something Like December:
Austin Jones – Vocals and Guitar
Chris Crimmins – Bass
Donovan Ryan – Drums