1. A Night By The Sea Steven Faulkner 3:41

Steven Faulkner has today released his new single titled ‘A Night By The Sea’. Getting right to the point, musically, ‘A Night By The Sea’, is part of a duo of songs. This one being the ‘night’. And the night is the raucous rocker of a track, while ‘day’ is a softer, more acoustic version of the same song.

Having said that, ‘A Night By The Sea’ offers up an anthemic drive to be heard with a monster hook and stadium ready chorus with a solid everything that is needed to become memorable and wear out that play button on your OLED screen.

About Steven Faulkner

Steven Faulkner, hailing from Hinckley, Leicestershire, is back with his brand new single By The Sea. By The Sea is split into two versions, A Day By The Sea which is an acoustic offering and then A Night By The Sea which is a more vamped up rockier version of the same song.

By The Sea is about looking back on your life from the near end, and the hope that when you look back you can say “We did right”. At the heart is the message that you can only do your best, and if you do then that’s fine whatever the outcome. You can choose your own path & actions in life, but its you who has to sleep at night, so take care.