1. Molly Rocket Interview Jammerzine Exclusive 27:00

In today’s interview, we have a real gem in the form of a dynamic duo of songwriters and musicians Molly Rocket and S. Atticus Swartwood. A symbiotic talent that met in their college days and mutually nurtured their craft into a juggernaut for the masses in such a way that both honors their influences and progresses the indie scene in ways that can only make it move forward.

Check out the interview for the latest in all things Molly Rocket as well as a lesson in how to make it on your own terms. School is in session.

About Molly Rocket
Molly Rocket is a Power Piano Pop Rock Party in a bottle. Composed of Wesleyan University graduates Molly Rocket and S. Atticus Swartwood, the Nashville duo is primed to explode with their blend of pop, soul, rock, and punk. The pair looks to do something that has become very difficult—make artistically expressive popular music.

Lead singer, songwriter, and pianist Molly was born and raised in Manhattan and carries its in-your-face attitude with her in wherever she goes. While also born in The City, drummer and backup vocalist Atticus was raised in Des Moines, Iowa, and brings something that can be hard to find in New York—Midwestern positive vibes. After founding the band in 2012, they realized this was a golden combo. Molly Rocket is a nuclear reactor of patriarchy-smashing emotional energy, built to super-charge everyone that hears it. Now based in Nashville, Tennessee, that band is looking to spread that energy across the world.

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To get a taste, look no further than the groups single and music video “Friction (Dat Booty Doh).” Dubbed a “Feminist Party Anthem” by No Country For New Nashville, the video shows that women can buck stereotypes and have a good time doing it. Then take a listen to “Too Late,” the first single off their upcoming EP, More Than All This. Deemed “retro and fresh at the same time” by Impose Magazine, the single is evidence of big things to come from the pair.

Recently, both Molly and Atticus have joined the rising East Nashville group TAYLS. After connecting with bandleader Taylor Cole, they seized the opportunity to spread their upbeat oomph even further. TAYLS is a psych/pop/punk experience looking to blow audiences away with shows reminiscent of The Flaming Lips or Of Montreal, and emotive rock-n-roll songs evoking Conor Oberst and Springsteen.

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