After a long hiatus, former frontwoman and singer/songwriter for the band Someday Merry, Eline is back with her 14th project. The new full-length album titled The Epic and Reckless is available now.

If you were wondering where she had been hiding, she will only say that she was sleepy and needed a long overdue nap. Regardless of the true story, what we do know is that she has been working behind the scenes since her departure. Embedded in the production side of the music business, she strengthened her engineering skills while sharpening her producing skills. Whatever drove her into the shadows, her core following will tell you that they are just glad the rumor is true and she is finally coming out of hiding.

The new album is unlike any other that she has put out to date. Not only did she write every song, she played, produced, mixed and engineered this album. If you ask her, she will say she didn’t do it alone. With the help of longtime friend and engineer Mateo Moses and featuring Mariah Ramirez on cello and Blythe C. Brooks on trumpet, this album has been a labor of love that she hopes you will love too.

SOURCE: Official Bio