I learned a new term today. More of a sub-genre, actually. And I feel as King Dean progress on their musical journey that others will be lumped in the sub-genre that King Dean has appointed to itself and so accurately fits. That term is “Elegant Punk”. Yes I know it seems a bit of an oxymoron, like “military intelligence” or “meteoric rise” but in this case it really fits. What I learned from talking to King Dean was that Punk is Elegance. It is elegant anarchy because rebelling against the system is a beautiful thing and King Dean’s music does just that sonically and lyrically. Dressed to the nines in suits and ready to declare war in any club that puts them on the bill King Dean seem to be poised to bring on a beautiful anarchy that will make you dance for them. This is evident in the attached interview so please enjoy and give their track “Dance For Me” a listen. You will feel guiltily elegant.

King Dean are:
David Weibel
Serge Torriani
Daniel Plančić
Ben Plančić