Florida has always been one of my favorite states to travel to. Sun, drinks, friends, beach. This list goes on. Now I have a new reason. Painted Fish. One listen to their upcoming album and you begin to wonder if the Fountain of Youth really works. That may be the magic behind their upcoming album titled “Painted Fish” but I tend to think that it is primarily due to the closeness the members of this band has with each other. They are a family. And it shows in their music (just check out our review for samples and see for yourself). And check out the interview above to get a glimpse into this family of free spirits and see how making good music is all about making the best out of your life. This band is headed to the top and taking us all for the ride.

“Painted Fish” is set for release on September 5th.

Painted Fish Album Release Party at The Ale & The Witch Details:

Time: 4-7PM US EST

[contact_info email=”” phone=”1-727-821-2533″ fax=”” address=”111 2nd Ave NE, St Petersburg, FL 33701″][/contact_info]

About Painted Fish
New PF Cover M 1400Painted Fish is a groovy blues/rock band with a splash of funk and clever hooks.  The four multi-instrumentalist band members will release their self-titled, debut album on September 5, 2015 at their local release party (Location: The Ale & The Witch in downtown St Petersburg, FL).  The band just returned from Summer mini-tour, which included dates in Key West and Northern California.  A followup mini tour is scheduled in New Jersey and New York this October.  Based out of St Pete, FL, Painted Fish’s music expresses everything from the daily stresses of middle class life (like in their new song “Complicated”) to getting “Stoned in San Francisco” or just being plain, “Happy.”  A track called “Evermore” on their new album talks about reincarnation.  The styles and themes are eclectic yet descriptive, upbeat, and primarily inspired by 1970’s and 1990’s blues and rock.

SOURCE: Official Bio

Painted Fish are:

  • Amber Lynn Nicol
  • Tristan Willard
  • Mitchell Ray
  • Vinny DeCosmo