In this episode of Jammerzine’s The Week in #Indie, we feature video premieres from Dope Sagittarius, Ernest Moon, Hongza, Madisyn Whajne, and Pentral plus Jammerzine Exclusive interviews from Tombstones In Their Eyes and Josh Altfater from Southwood Studios. Also featured are album and single premieres from Ventrelles and Addison Clapp.

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About Dope Saggitarius

Dope Sagittarius has released their video for the track titled ‘Black Empress’ featuring Mike Ladd. Presented as a giant fusion fueled ‘funk you’ to the masses with a sonic cleansing and rebuilding of originality on a level not heard since the great Sun Ra.

It’s refreshing to hear a song and see a video on such a level and to know that creativity is still thriving. Multiple instruments collide in ways I never thought they could and sound like disgruntled angels in a turbulent tribulation. Put this on infinite repeat. you won’t get bored.

‘Define Love’ is out now across digital stores such as Apple Music and streaming platforms at Spotify. The ‘Sacred Places’ LP will be released on vinyl on May 14, and can already be pre-ordered via Bandcamp and also from Buddhabug Records.


About Ernest Moon

Ernest Moon drops his new video for the single titled ‘Big Wow’, with the single releasing on April 29th. A unique blend of Rockabilly, mild rap, shoutout, and campy rock blended all together in that magical melting pot that is #indie. This is a song that will be an anthem for the isolated and a cringe to the parents of those who want to get out. Bravo!

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About Hongza

Hongza has premiered his new video for the track titled ‘Dream, Sleep, Eat’. That first look gives the impression that, visually, this is a stunning video. And it really is. The animation is amazing. It has its own style. But what got me to stay was the song. This is a brilliant mix of rock, alt, and pop, in all of the right degrees. Hongza has that perfect voice for this song. That tells me he has found his sound. And that is almost impossible for an artist as new as Hongza. But here he is. And he is here to stay.


About Madisyn Whajne

Madisyn Whajne has released her new video for the track titled ‘Save My Heart’, from the album ‘Save Our Hearts’. Constructed as a cinematic and lucid well-orchestrated track with Madisyn’s signature vocals, ‘Save My Heart’ is a subtle yet powerful dive into the brilliant mind of musicians that celebrates life for what it is and appreciates what they have. The satisfaction is in the search.

The album, ‘Save Our Hearts’, is out now, available everywhere digitally, including Apple MusicSpotify, and also directly from the artist via Bandcamp.

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About Pentral

Pentral has released their new video for the track titled ‘Aiming For The Sun’. Stacked with guitars and a full sound that demands a decent stereo, Pentral delivers the riffs and old school monster hook from an era where metal was catchy and makes it cool once again with the talent of giants. Now I want to see how many future guitarists this spawns.

‘Aiming For The Sun’ is available everywhere digitally, so be sure to catch them via Apple Music and Spotify or your other favorite online platforms. Their full ‘What Lies Ahead of Us’ album will be released on May 7.


About Tombstones In Their Eyes

Jammerzine has an exclusive interview with Tombstones In Their Eyes frontman John Treanor. In this interview, we get a glimpse of the construction progress that was the recording of ‘Looking for a Light’ as well as the beginnings of the band and how this new era in music and music promotion has affected and affected TITE.


About Josh Altfater

We have an interview that is a lesson. A lesson not only to those just starting out in the music business, but a lesson in how to record your music, and make it better. This interview is with Josh Altfater. An up-and-coming producer/musician, and business owner of Southwood Studios.

In this interview, we learn some important and somewhat overlooked aspects of the music business such as recording techniques and the importance of getting that trained ear into the studio with you. The producer can be, and oftentimes should be, a member of the band. And, speaking with Josh, we learn why. We also get a unique glimpse into the business side as well as how Josh got his start and what his plans are. This is a conversational must listen for the independent artist.


About Ventrelles

Ventrelles returns with their new single titled ‘Call of the Morning’ on April 16th. That familiar sound of originality and spacious musical caverns is more prevalent and pronounced on this new single. That airiness that comes from the open guitar chords and post-punk and ‘seen in color’ feel gives a potential feel-good track for the upcoming summer.

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About Addison Clapp

Addison Clapp has premiered his new album titled ‘A Drive Down Hollywood Boulevard’ on Jammerzine. Addison Clapp is an artist who is obviously young, but, his music is way beyond his years. Filled with hooks and hip, songwriting, and pop sensibility, ‘Hollywood Blvd’ is a timestamp on Addison’s career. Whether it be as an addition to his musical evolution or a statement such as ‘This is where it started…’, you can hear the star within Addison’s music. His vocals are youthful yet experienced. He does all the right inflections and falsettos. The strength of the songwriting has a timeless pop appeal. Yet, what I hear, is an artist with a solid future. He has the chops. He will grow into this role with experience. All we need to do now is listen.


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